All good (filthy clean) things must come to an end.

I’m the daughter of the Soap Lady. I had no choice but to live the whole gypsy-small-business-creative life. It’s literally how I was raised. And I have learned more from this crazy life than I ever did in college (sorry, Mary Washington).

From working with Carole on Old Dominion Soap Company to countless weekends on the road at shows to the shop in The Plains and finally ending with the filthy clean adventure, so many memories from the last (probably almost 20 years) involve soap. But it just wasn’t soap, it was the creative process, business lessons, meeting the raddest people, and having my family there for the ride.

All three of my girls were at shows before the age of one (even Cara squeaked one in!). And I have spent more time with Carole having the most random conversations than I care to admit. We are (well, were) the definition of a family business and I am grateful for the memories made and lessons learned.

What’s next? We’re done. Literally, done. I’d say this was an Irish goodbye . . . but I’m actually saying goodbye. But it does mean no more sales.

Why? I’m old. My kids are getting old. And Carole is even older. Ha! But seriously, it’s time. I love filthy clean and the greater dream, but I love being a normal(ish) person with ONE job, spending all of my time with family living in our controlled chaos, and having adventures even more.

A big THANK YOU to y’all for the love and support. Our customers and friends are the MOST amazing. And a thank you to Carole for being the Soap Lady, putting in the work, and letting me do this; my girls for coming along for the ride and thinking that this was normal; and, my husband for saying “I want to come help” when I mentioned I had a show 2 months after we started dating and not running in the opposite direction.

Now, please enjoy my walk down memory lane . . . from the very beginning to the Graves Mountain era to the shop in The Plains to ending with filthy clean fun. xo